Why you should go to a good engineering school

TechCrunch (UK), a site that aggregates content from around the web, has been ranking the best engineering schools on a range of criteria.

The site has ranked engineering schools by average tuition fees, graduates’ academic performance, alumni networks, and the cost of attendance.

According to TechCrunch, “the best engineering colleges in the world tend to be small and family-friendly, with a focus on student learning and a strong emphasis on community service”.

It’s also worth noting that TechCrunch has a bias towards engineering schools in the US, where the vast majority of engineering graduates get a degree.

The ranking of schools by alumni networks was a little more difficult to judge, with the site noting that alumni networks were less likely to be a factor when evaluating schools, with only 8% of schools having alumni networks of any kind.

However, the site did note that it was possible to rank schools based on alumni networks if they were in the top 50 in their region, with alumni networks a key factor in determining which schools are the best for engineering students.

The top schools in each region are listed in order of their alumni network ranking.

The website also ranked the schools based upon alumni networks by average number of engineering students per class.

TechCrunch notes that this measure of alumni networks is not always indicative of the quality of a school, but it is an important indicator when comparing engineering schools across countries.

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