Why are some people searching for ‘speed engineering’ and not ‘fire engine’?

More than 300 people have already posted about how Google search engine search engine results have become biased against fire engines in recent months.

A Google search for “fire engine” turns up more than 5,000 results.

A Google search of “speed engineering” results in nearly 200 results.

The Google search is often used by businesspeople and their employees who are looking for a specific technical skill or skill set.

The “speed” is usually followed by the word “engine.”

The news comes as the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on legislation next week that would give the federal government new powers to regulate search engines.

The bill is known as the “Google Act” and has been supported by several tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and Google Inc.

The Google Act would allow the government to impose “reasonable” search-engine-related restrictions on search results.

Under the bill, the government could require that companies that publish results with the words “fire” or “engine” in them remove the results within 60 days.

The government could also impose a “search engine blacklist,” where a company could be banned from the Internet.

The bill is scheduled to come up for a vote next week.

Google has said the search engines are a crucial part of our daily lives and are a way for people to discover information.

Google CEO Larry Page has said it is important to “give the searcher more choice.”

But a study released by the Center for Digital Democracy, an advocacy group, found that a significant percentage of Google search results showed a bias against fire and engine search engines in favor of the term “speed engineers.”

The study analyzed nearly 5,600 search results from April to October 2017.

The study found that nearly 10% of search results that were included in the study showed the term fire engine in their results.

That number rose to 21% when it was filtered for search engines that were not included in that study.

It was the highest percentage of the searches that showed the word fire in their result, according to the study.

The Center for Democracy and Technology said that the study’s results should raise concern because “they indicate that the vast majority of search queries that include the word ‘fire’ and ‘engine’ do not actually include information about the specific fire and/or engine.”

The report also said that “the vast majority” of search terms that contained “speed engineer” did not appear in Google’s search results for the past five years.

The center said that while Google’s algorithm could have changed, the company didn’t.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has said that search results should be “more transparent.”

In his own defense, Schmidt said in an interview that he had “a very good idea” of what people wanted and that he was working with other search companies to improve their algorithms.

But the study found the results to be skewed against fire engine search results because Google has a “frictionless” way of ranking results.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement that Google is working to improve the results.

“We have been working to change the results of search engines and remove bias, and we’re pleased to see that our algorithm is helping us achieve this,” the spokesperson said.

“We’ll continue to work to make the Internet more transparent and accessible to people who need it most.”

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