What you need to know about the Hill’s internal data analytics company

As the Hill moves towards full-blown data analytics, it will need to have a much better grasp of what data it has, and how it can use that information to deliver value to clients.

The Hill is building a data analytics team and is currently hiring for the roles.

“We’re trying to do the best job possible with what we have,” Hill founder and CEO Michael Vohs said in a statement.

“That means taking the right data and applying it to the right clients and industries, while working collaboratively with our team.”

The hiring process includes an internal “think tank” and external consultants, which will help build out the company’s data-science infrastructure.

At the end of the process, Hill will hire an external data scientist to work with the team and will hire another external consultant to work on the Hill business case.

Hill’s data analytics technology was featured in the book “The Big Data Revolution” by former Facebook COO Chris Cox, and was featured on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” in March.

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