Techies are back to work after a two-week strike

The tech workers on strike in Bangalore, India, on Thursday had to wait nearly two weeks to resume work after they were told they would have to return to work on April 15.

The workers, who were protesting against the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), said they would resume work on Friday morning.

The IT workers are protesting against a move to impose the Goods And Services Tax on the city of Bangalore.

The GST will affect the supply of essential goods to small and medium-sized businesses and the consumption of basic commodities like milk, meat and sugar.

The strike has been triggered by the implementation of a GST that was expected to bring about a $1,000 cut in sales tax for most of the city’s residents.

The move has been widely criticised by the opposition parties, and even some politicians have called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to quit his post as the GST rollout has been delayed.

A similar strike in January had resulted in a massive loss of revenue for the state government.

The Indian Automobile Industry (IAI), the country’s largest car maker, has also been on strike for two weeks over the GST.

The government has said the strike will be brought under control once the GST is in place.

India’s consumer inflation is running at more than 100 per cent, and the government has also declared a state of emergency over the crisis.

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