Microsoft unveils the newest generation of Steam Engine

It’s been a while since Microsoft’s announced the next generation of its gaming platform.

Today, the company unveiled the latest generation of the engine and its new API, which is designed to make the engine more robust against hacking attacks.

It also announced that it will begin offering an SDK for developers to make games that run on the engine.

In short, the new version of the Steam Engine is more powerful, stable, and easier to work with.

This means developers can now focus on making games that are as fun and easy to make as possible.

Microsoft says that this new API will allow developers to create games that work in the Windows 8 ecosystem, which includes the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 desktop operating systems.

“This is a significant milestone for the Steam engine, and we’re proud to have the power and confidence to support this new engine, both for developers and the community,” Microsoft’s Brad Smith said in a blog post.

“We’re excited to see what games will be created for the next iteration of the new engine.”

The new version will also have a new API for the Xbox platform, and a more powerful sandbox engine that will let the Xbox games engine work more efficiently.

The new API is also designed to improve the stability of the existing Steam API.

“The new API lets us improve the way the API interacts with the game’s hardware, and will also help improve performance,” the company said.

Developers can get started by reading the blog post, which explains the changes.

Microsoft is also working on new APIs for Android and iOS, as well as APIs for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The company is also preparing a Windows 10 SDK for its new gaming platform that will help developers make games run better on both platforms.

In addition, Microsoft is working to develop a Windows API that will allow PC games to run on both Windows and Xbox.

The announcement is the latest in a series of moves Microsoft has made to improve its games platform.

In July, Microsoft said it would be building out the Xbox One games platform with a new game library and an API to allow developers, as part of a partnership with Sony.

The Xbox platform is also getting a new feature called “Instant Game Mode,” which will let developers make new games instantly.

Microsoft’s Xbox division has also announced a new console, the Xbox SmartGlass, that will support augmented reality.

And in October, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 console will be getting a “GamePad” that will run games and interact with the console.

“As we work to make Steam more secure, more accessible, and more powerful for all of our customers, we’re looking forward to bringing the new Steam Engine to more developers and players in the coming months,” Smith said.

“Microsoft has built an amazing platform for the last five years and we will continue to build on it to bring more games and experiences to the next generations of Windows.”

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