How to build your own artificial intelligence (AI) engine

By Brian Hickey / Staff reporterBRIAN HICKEY/AFP/Getty ImagesA new startup is aiming to turn its research into an AI-powered car.

The Dublin-based company, DeepMind, says its engine will run on a quantum computer that will simulate a human brain and use AI algorithms to determine how fast the car should go.

It will also monitor traffic conditions, the road and make decisions based on the situation.

The AI engine, dubbed DQX, is designed to work in combination with a neural network.

“The system will be able to analyze and interpret a huge amount of data, including a person’s face, their age, body language, and so on,” DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis told Reuters.

“It will learn from those kinds of observations, and make predictions about the car and the road, which will be very useful to be able in the future to drive around.”

The company is aiming for its engine to be ready for commercial use in about 10 years.

Its team is working on an AI software platform to enable it to build a car, which could be in the same vein as Tesla’s Autopilot or the Google self-driving car.

“We are going to build the first prototype of the vehicle and see how it does,” Hassabis said.

This is a driver-assistance system that can be used by people in the car, not just a driver.””

This is not just an AI thing.

This is a driver-assistance system that can be used by people in the car, not just a driver.”

The AI system will have some features similar to human drivers, including lane markings and adaptive cruise control.

It is also designed to be more sensitive to environmental factors and weather, according to DeepMind’s website.

Hassabis said the company was aiming for a 2020 launch.

The technology is still in early stages, but it is hoped that the DQx will be “a very big step in AI,” said Hassabis.

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