How to build a software engineer’s dream job

On Thursday, thousands of software engineers will be hired at a Canadian research lab in a bid to bring innovation to Canada’s medical research sector.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research announced the hires at a news conference on Thursday, saying they will bring the number of software engineering graduates to 25,000.

They are the first batch of more than 20,000 Canadian engineers who will work at the Experimental Lakes Area Research Station in northern Ontario.

A big part of the new hires will be paid on a “flexible” basis.

It means they can be paid up to $100,000 per year.

The project will be led by the University of Guelph in Ontario, and it will focus on research on a number of areas including nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Canadian universities, including Toronto’s York University, are also working on the project.

They will pay students in an apprenticeship program.

The apprenticeship is not linked to a degree.

The new hires come on the heels of a massive expansion of the Canadian research infrastructure, which will see more than 50,000 new researchers added to the country’s ranks by 2021.

The goal is to boost the country to the top of the world when it comes to innovation.

The government’s goal is for Canada to lead the world in research by 2024.

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