How to avoid the next BP oil spill: the experts

Experts say the oil spill from BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is one of the worst oil spills in history.

The spill caused the worst disaster in US history, killing 11,500 people.

BP had to shut down its entire marine oil and gas operations for months.

It is still the largest oil spill in history, and it’s been estimated that up to a quarter of the nation’s oil reserves may be at risk.

To avoid another spill, experts say the industry should use the following four steps:Don’t let your home sink, even if you have a life preserver or a life raft, experts told ABC News.

If you do have a home sink that can’t take the spill, keep it in a well-ventilated area, including the attic.

Don’t put it under your bed.

If your home has a ceiling, don’t cover it with a sheet, experts said.

If you have water in the basement or your basement has a drain that runs to the garage, turn it off, experts advised.

If it has a hose that goes into the basement, it should be hooked up to an air pump that goes to the gas supply and has to be disconnected every two weeks, the experts said, adding that it can take up to four weeks to fully repair the damage.

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