Hellephant Engine for the Toyota Corolla 4Runner

The Toyota Corollas 4Runner’s new engine, dubbed Hellephantis, is a four-cylinder turbocharged four-barrel four-stroke engine that will power the vehicle’s 4WD capability, according to Toyota Motor Corp. (TM).

The engine will be available in two models, the Helleperepha 4Runner and the Hellesperephantis 4Runner Pro, according the Japanese automaker.

The HellePHantis 4runner will get a six-speed manual transmission and a six-, eight-, and 10-speed hybrid powertrain.

Toyota Motor said the Helplephant engine will use an “ultra-low-emission, high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack,” which will be “optimized for driving and acceleration” and offer “better fuel economy.”

The Helplephantis will come with a 5.8-liter engine, which will get an 8-speed automatic and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The engine also gets a seven-speed rear-wheel drive system, along with a sixspeeds available in the front.

Toyota said the engine is being developed for the Corolla and will be manufactured in Japan.

Toyota and Toyota Motor will debut the Helpephantis at the Geneva Motor Show in January 2019.

The new engine will have a maximum output of 4,500 horsepower, Toyota said, and will produce 1,000 pounds-feet of torque, making it the fastest-producing 4-wheel-drive 4-seater in the world.

The Toyota and Corolla vehicles are also set to receive a new LED headlights, a new rearview camera system and a redesigned dashboard.

The headlights are being designed to be “more efficient, safer, and more intuitive than previous generations,” Toyota said.

Toyota will unveil more details on the Helperpha 4runner engine and Hellephephantis vehicle in a later press release.

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