Hellcat Engine is the #1 paid engineering job on Google, but you can make more by doing something else

Posted February 05, 2020 09:06:06Google is hiring a developer to work on its new Unity Engine for its next version of Android.

The search giant is looking to hire someone with a “proven track record of building apps on Android,” according to the job posting posted on its developer portal.

Hellcat is a Linux-based desktop engine that lets developers run their applications in virtual environments and native applications on the hardware.

Hellcats development work was first performed by a company called Firebird that makes a mobile game engine for smartphones.

The hiring of Hellcat engine developers has not been confirmed by Google.

The company has been using its Google+ platform to connect developers with talent since March of this year, and it has more than 1,500 developers working for Google, including the company’s biggest employee, the Google engineer J.P. Rometty.

The hiring of the Hellcat team is part of Google’s ongoing effort to attract the best engineers, according to an interview with Google’s engineering manager, Chris Kresser, conducted earlier this month.

Kressers office is in Mountain View, California, and the company is using Google+ to reach out to its developers.

Google is one of the world’s largest search engines, but it is struggling to attract talent and attract the top talent in Silicon Valley.

In January, Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, said that Google’s talent pool was “the biggest it has ever had.”

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