Electrician job vacancy in Arizona

Electrical engineer salaries in Arizona are up in July as the US economy continues to bounce back after a slow start.

A report released Wednesday from Glassdoor shows that the median hourly pay for an electrical engineer in Arizona reached $41.80 in July, a 5.3% increase from a year earlier.

That’s up from a $36.50 median in April.

The median annual salary is about $65,000.

Glassdoor’s report shows that electrician jobs in Arizona rose 8.2% in July from a month earlier, while construction jobs declined 6.4% from a July loss.

The report said the average wage for a skilled electrician was $55,200, which is $5,000 higher than the national average of $52,600.

It also noted that the construction industry in Arizona was the biggest job creator in the US in July with 6,000 jobs added.

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